About 2nd chance insurance

Here at 2nd Chance Insurance, we truly believe in second chances! We are in the business of finding low cost, affordable auto insurance options for our clients who may not otherwise be able to find auto insurance in Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, and Kentucky.

We know that sometimes, accidents can happen. Maybe your driver’s license was suspended and you got a citation for driving without a license. Or maybe you’ve had a couple of major driving violations in a short amount of time. If this is the case, you know how difficult and expensive it can be to get a car insurance policy. Not to mention the costs associated with paying for your tickets or driving violations! If this sounds familiar to you, make sure to check out our website or call us for a quote.

At 2nd Chance Insurance, we specialize in helping drivers who are considered higher risks get low cost auto insurance! Our agents at 2nd Chance Insurance are trained in helping you find more affordable car insurance. We also have extensive experience with SR22 forms and Non Owner SR22 insurance policies. In fact, we offer free SR22 form filings here at 2nd Chance Insurance! It’s difficult enough finding and then paying for a higher cost auto insurance policy, so we don’t tack on additional expenses for you.

Speaking of low cost insurance, did you know that 94% of Americans qualify for lower insurance rates? At 2nd Chance Insurance our specialty is finding low cost insurance policies for drivers who have had a DUI or who have had multiple tickets or multiple at-fault accidents. We take pride in helping high risk drivers get back on the road with an insurance policy they can afford, and we know the value of having highly trained insurance agents to help our customers navigate the world of high risk car insurance.

Give us here at 2nd Chance Insurance a call. We believe in 2nd chances!