SR-22: What You Need to Know01 September, 2019
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SR-22: What You Need to Know

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the SR-22. It is not a kind of insurance, but a form filed by your auto insurance company. The SR22 verifies that you have purchased no less than the mandatory amount of car insurance that your state requires.

How Will I Know if I Need an SR-22?

If you are required to obtain an SR22, you will receive a notification.

This notification informs you:

  • Why you are required to obtain an SR-22
  • How long your SR-22 form will stay on file with your state (generally from one to five years)
  • Your state’s mandatory insurance requirements

After you purchase a qualifying insurance policy from your car insurance company, you receive an SR-22 certification. This is the only way you can obtain one. If, at any time, you neglect to comply with your orders, the insurance company is acknowledging its obligation to inform the state. If you’re in Tennessee, we can help you find SR22 insurance for free.

What Circumstances May Require an SR-22 Certification?

People frequently associate an SR22 with a driver who has a DUI, this is one reason for needing one; however, there are other reasons this form is required.

Other common circumstances include:

  • Convictions for driving without the state-mandated insurance coverage
  • A number of traffic offenses committed within a relatively short period
  • As a requirement to obtain a probationary or hardship driver’s license
  • Moving violation convictions, including negligent/reckless driving
  • Being involved in a car crash without carrying at least the minimum amount of state-mandated insurance coverage
  • As a requirement for reinstatement of your driver’s license (following a revocation or suspension)

If you do find yourself needing an SR22 because of a DUI though, you might want to check out our DUI help guide, so you have a understanding of what else you can expect during this grueling process.

Will all Insurance Companies File an SR-22?

No, your current car insurance company may or may not file an SR-22. If it does not, you will need to find another insurance carrier that does. Additionally, if you do not have car insurance, you need to purchase insurance from a company that will file an SR22 form for you. Even if you do not own a vehicle, you can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy to have an SR-22 filed with the state.

Is There a Charge for an SR-22?

Possibly, some car insurance companies may charge a one-time fee. This charge is usually nominal at around $25. Keep in mind that your insurance carrier may require that you pay for your policy in full. In addition, your insurance costs may increase due to your traffic violation. The good news is that once your requirement is fulfilled, your insurance rates usually decrease.

How Does an SR-22 Help Me?

By meeting the mandatory requirement, you may be able to hasten the reinstatement of your license and/or registration.

What Happens if I do Not Keep My Car Insurance?

Your insurance company must notify your state and you will be punished.

What if I Move to Another State?

Some states do not require an SR-22. Although a state may not require you to have one, each state has its own forms and mandatory insurance requirements. If the state you move to does not offer the SR-22, contact your previous state. You need to request permission to provide them with certified documentation in place of the SR-22. This certified documentation must verify that the car insurance policy you purchase meets or exceeds the insurance limits you are required to carry in the state where you committed the traffic violation in.

If you find yourself in a situation requiring an SR-22 certification, contact 2nd Chance Insurance. We have been helping drivers successfully obtain their SR-22 certification for years. Our knowledge goes a long way in helping you get through this challenging time.