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Your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is much more than just a ‘toy’ you use in the summer. You go fishing with it, you entertain friends and neighbors with it, and you make family memories with it. While you’re out enjoying your boat or your brand new Sea Doo Jet Ski, make sure you have the proper PWC insurance coverage!

Is Private Watercraft Insurance (PWC) insurance mandatory for my boat or jet ski?

Depending on your state rules and regulations, boat or marine insurance may not be required. If you took out a loan on a Jet Ski, your lender will require you to carry marine insurance. Whether or not you are required to carry boat insurance, it’s always a wise idea to purchase a PWC insurance policy in case of an accident and your boat gets damaged.

What Does PWC Insurance Cover?

It seems there are almost as many coverage options as there are personal watercraft options! Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverage is the minimum coverage you can buy. Liability insurance will provide coverage if you accidentally hurt another person while operating your boat. Liability coverage also applies if you cause an accident and damage someone else’s Jet Ski. There are several coverage limits available for marine insurance, so be sure to speak with your PWC insurance company about which limit is right for your watercraft.

Buying physical damage coverage for Jet Skis, especially new ones from well-known brands like Polaris, is a very good idea. This type of coverage will pay if your own Jet Ski is damaged in situations such as theft, fire, vandalism, hail or collisions with other boats or objects. You’ll probably pay a deductible, or out of pocket cost, if your boat or PWC is damaged. Once your deductible gets paid, your insurance company will then help cover the rest of the damage. Ask for a list of deductible options when you obtain your boat insurance quote.

There are many other optional marine insurance coverage choices as well. Your Jet Ski insurance, for example, may pay for someone to deliver fuel to you on the lake if you run out of gas. Your boat insurance may cover the cost of towing on the lake if you experience an equipment breakdown. If you own a yacht, your yacht insurance policy will offer even more coverage options for you. A marine insurance policy can also offer some coverage for fishing equipment if you have the correct policy endorsement in place. It’s important to ask your boat insurance company about all of the available coverage options!

How much does Boat/PWC Insurance cost?

A common question is “How much does boat insurance cost?” Actually, there is no set price for boat or Jet Ski insurance. Your cost will depend on your driving history as well as the type of watercraft you own. Jet Ski insurance will probably be a bit less expensive than yacht insurance, for example. Some Jet Ski insurance policies may be more expensive than a boat insurance policy if the Jet Ski has a larger engine size than the smaller fishing boat. For a guaranteed cheap boat insurance quote, give 2nd Chance Insurance a call today!

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