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Nothing beats the feeling of getting on your bike and on the road. However, if you do not have the right motorcycle insurance policy, you are in danger from both the law and financially if you wind up in an accident. Plenty of insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance, but few truly understand the needs of bikers. 2nd Chance Insurance does, and we offer guaranteed cheap motorcycle insurance quotes for all types of riders.

What Is the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance?

One of the first questions many people have when they start looking at buying a bike is “how much is motorcycle insurance?” This is a hard question to answer, as the cost varies based on the riding history of the insured, the type of bike, and the type of coverage wanted. The average cost varies quite a bit depending on the goal of the rider. If the goal is simply to stay within what the law requires, it may not be too expensive. However, full insurance is often a little pricier. When you work with 2nd Chance Insurance, we will always get you the best possible price for your motorcycle insurance, as long as you live in Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, or Kentucky.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required By Law?

Just like standard car insurance, the state law requires some form of motorcycle insurance. You must have liability insurance on your bike to cover any damage you cause in an at-fault accident. Luckily, this type of motorcycle insurance policy is usually fairly cheap — if this is all that you want. More thorough insurance coverage is usually a good idea, though. A quick call to our office will allow us to give you a motorcycle insurance quote that best suits your individual needs and help you understand what to expect in terms of cost.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Protect?

Your bike can be a big investment. In fact, some motorcycles are as expensive as cars, if not even more so. Just like auto insurance, there are three types of motorcycle insurance: liability, collision and comprehensive. Liability insurance protects you from damage you may cause to other vehicles, people or property. Collision insurance protects the value of your vehicle if it is damaged in an at-fault accident, and comprehensive insurance coverage is insurance against natural disasters, theft or other non-collision damage. As you can see, motorcycle insurance options can actually vary quite a bit!

How Can 2nd Chance Insurance Help Insure Your Motorcycle?

At 2nd Chance Insurance, we are dedicated to one thing — insuring our customers as they live life to the fullest, be it work or play. We have agents who know the law when it comes to obtaining motorcycle insurance in every state. When you get a motorcycle insurance quote from us, we will go to bat for you and find you the best possible policies at the best possible prices. We want you to relax with the knowledge that you are covered every time you strap on that helmet and get on your bike, so you can concentrate on enjoying the open road!

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