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Your Motorhome or RV (Recreational Vehicle) is more than just an automobile that gets you from point A to point B. For some people, it is their home away from home! For others, it represents family vacations and fun memories. When it comes to getting RV Insurance, it’s important to understand the coverage available. If you’re looking for quotes on affordable RV or Motorhome insurance, be sure to look into the following information!

Is Motorhome or RV Insurance Mandatory?

Since RV’s are motorized vehicles designed for driving on public roads, RV insurance is typically mandatory. At a minimum, you will need to purchase liability insurance coverage. You will want to look into optional or additional coverage as well, just in case there is an accident or your RV gets damaged.

What does Motorhome/RV Insurance cover?

There are several policy options when it comes to securing insurance for your RV. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverage is one of the most basic options you will buy. Liability insurance will provide coverage for someone you accidentally injured while driving your RV or motorhome. Similarly, if you cause an accident and damage another person’s vehicle, your liability policy will provide coverage for that damaged car. Be sure to ask your RV insurance company which coverage amount is best for you!

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM) is commonly purchased and typically required along with liability coverage. If someone hits you and you are hurt, that person is responsible for your medical bills under their own liability policy. If that person didn’t have enough coverage though or had no insurance at all, the UM/UIM portion of your policy can help cover your medical bills.

You may also want to purchase comprehensive coverage for your RV. This type of coverage will pay for damage to your own RV in a variety of situations. Theft, fire, and vandalism will typically be covered under comprehensive coverage. Most often you will pay a deductible, or out of pocket cost if your RV is damaged. Once your deductible is paid, your insurance company will help cover the rest of the damage. Ask your insurance company for a list of deductible options when you obtain your RV insurance quote.

Collision coverage usually gets paired with comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will also have a separate deductible and will cover damage to your motorhome if you hit another object such as a tree or fence. It will also be the coverage you use to repair your own motorhome if you caused an accident with another vehicle.

There are many other kinds of optional motorhome insurance coverage as well. If you store any personal belongings in your motorhome, you will want to purchase additional personal property coverage to make sure those belongings are covered. Towing or breakdown coverage is frequently an optional RV insurance add-on. Some companies will also offer smaller deductible options for a broken windshield. It’s important to ask your RV insurance company about available coverage options!

How much does Motorhome/RV Insurance cost?

Since there are so many coverage options, RV insurance quotes are going to vary. Your driving record and where you live affects your RV insurance cost as well. For help with finding cheap RV insurance, give 2nd Chance Insurance a call! We will help you pick an RV insurance policy that’s best for your circumstances.

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