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If you have faced a DUI charge or certain other moving violations, you may find that one of the most difficult issues you will face is not the fine, penalty, or even facing the judge in the courtroom. For many, the hardest part is getting things squared away so that you are able to drive (legally) again. If you’ve been charged with a DUI/DWI, reckless driving, or you caused an accident when driving without insurance, you may be contacted by your state’s motor vehicle department with notification that you must be covered by SR22 insurance. When this happens, you can count on 2nd Chance Insurance to help you find cheap SR22 insurance quotes in Tennessee, and FAST.

In Tennessee, driving-related laws are especially complex; the penalties are harsh and the costs are expensive. We can help with SR22 insurance in Tennessee.

We understand that you don’t want to throw away money on expensive auto insurance premiums. This is why we work with a number of insurance companies to get you the coverage you require – without the high price tag. We’ll help you find low down and monthly payments, as well as flexible payment options to get you back on the road fast.

As a five-star rated provider of cheap SR22 insurance in Tennessee, we also have highly trained insurance agents to help you navigate such a high-risk auto insurance; they’re familiar with the system, and they make sure your document is properly submitted and acknowledged by the DMV so you can start driving after your DUI.

Simply put, when you work with 2nd Chance Insurance, you get to save a significant amount of money –and stress.

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What is SR22 Insurance and is it Required?

Actually, despite frequently being referred to as SR 22 insurance, this is not an actual form of insurance. Instead, it is a form on file with your insurer that proves to the state’s motor vehicle department that you do have valid insurance on file— or at least insurance covering you for any liability. It’s often referred to as an SR22 certificate as well. Many states require this form be filed after a driver receives a serious moving violation (most commonly a DUI.) Unfortunately, getting insured (even with high-risk insurance & DUI insurance) is a difficult matter—but it is necessary. By requiring that the driver receive this form to continue driving, it puts an extra layer of protection in place so the state can better monitor drivers with risky records. Generally, if you are required to obtain SR-22 Insurance and you allow coverage to lapse, your license will be suspended until you get the expenses paid up, and your insurance reinstated by your insurance agent.


Where Can a Driver Obtain SR22 Insurance or an SR22 Form?

If you are already receiving insurance from an insurer, your company should be able to provide you with access to this SR22 form—or they will inform you that you are not eligible for coverage. The simple solution is to work with a high risk insurance or DUI insurance company that is better prepared to offer you coverage after an accident or violation. Our insurance experts understand what you have gone through and are prepared to help you get the best coverage you can get with an affordable premium. In addition, we can help get that SR22 form filed and on record—preventing you from facing any future problems.

What Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

Coverage for high risk insurance will vary from person to person. This depends on a number of factors. Your insurance agent (or one of our specialists at 2nd Chance Insurance) can help you understand your options and find coverage that is right for you. The cost for an SR-22 form filing varies from state to state. In many cases it is around $25, though it can range from $15 – $35+. This is a one-time fee, assuming you do not allow coverage to lapse. This means that even if you are required to maintain SR-22 insurance for 5 years after your accident, you will only pay this fee one time—coverage will continue as long as you retain insurance through your carrier.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about SR-22 coverage or you would like to talk to one of our agents about your options, fill out our simple, no-obligation form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we offer a free DUI survival guide that can help you take the next steps towards getting back on your feet after a DUI. This is an invaluable reference that has helped many people quickly and easily get back to driving.

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